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There are several ways to get to the Chicago area, whether you drive from Indianapolis or from Northwest Indiana, where I come from, to Chicago. There are also transportation options that will take you to Crown Point in Chicago, and there are many other ways to get to your destination when you drive from Chicago to Indianapolis.

If you are open to two means of transportation, you can take the bus or taxi, or if time is not of the essence, take the train to Chicago. If you don't want to travel by bus the whole way, you can take a train or a taxi. You can also take a bus through Chicago if you are traveling in the morning or evening hours when your time is not of any importance. Or you can stop a subway ride, take buses and taxis or a part bus or train to finish your journey to and from Chicago!

Buses and trains are inexpensive - friendly options that you can easily forget about the Chicago area. They are a great way to get to Chicago in less than an hour and a half or less, and at a reasonable price.

However, a car trip can consume fuel and a taxi ride can cost a hefty fee, so we recommend planning ahead and driving earlier, using our travel advice as a guide. Often limousines and limousines would have no problem completing the route in 54 minutes, but we understand that this is necessary for ideal conditions.

These prices show the morning and evening travel times and do not include gratuities or airport charges. If your trip goes beyond what you have planned, you will pay a hidden fee (see pricing policy for details). Stay flexible with your travel plans, especially when a severe storm comes and you have to leave.

Driving times can be a little different due to extremely crowded roads, and even moving into the city centre can be challenging. Travel is the next step for players willing to take on this challenge, but travel times are limited.

For a limousine or limousine, the journey time is 55 minutes, for a car 38 miles and for an SUV about 34 miles (read more to find out how to avoid this). In an ideal world, there is a 1.5 mile road between the city centre and the airport, but the approximate journey time is 54 minutes or more.

If you want to get out of the big city, you can take a trip to Arthur's Amish Country, about 20 miles south of Scherville, about an hour and a half from the airport. If you prefer to drive, Crown Point is just a few miles away on the other side of town, just outside the city centre.

The land at the southern tip of Lake Michigan dates back to the earliest recorded history of the area, dating back 10,000 years ago.

Several Indian paths crossed in the area, and later these paths became chariot routes for settlers traveling westward. Today some of these roads still lead to Schererville as modern roads for motorized societies. The Lily Cache Greenway moves from the Bollingbrook / Plainfield border to the east-west to the ComEd Greenways. There are no states in this part of the state except for a small section of I-94 north of Lake Michigan.

Although you can commute from South Bend to Chicago, it can be a long drive, as the southern segment is south of the Green Belt Forest Preserve. While you can get to the city in just over an hour by car, you can also take the bus to save fuel. Schererville is located about 90 miles north of Chicago on I-94 and about 95 miles south on US Highway 41. The two cities are about 95 miles apart, each with about 3,000 residents, so it's not a long drive.

For example, visit the world - the renowned Museum of Science and Industry, take a stroll for shopping and family fun, watch your favorite movies and TV cars at the Volo Auto Museum or visit the Windy City on one of the many available bike tours. Gary is a 15-minute drive down the Miller Woods Trail, explore the Dunning - Douglas Center for Environmental Education and stroll through the Green Belt Forest Preserve. Either way, you can enjoy scenic views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, as well as the city's natural beauty.

Take the River & Lake Architectural Tour and get a view of the magnificent riverside buildings that make up the Chicago skyline. Get a bird's eye view of the city by driving to the top of the John Hancock Observatory. For a glass-bottomed thrill, head to Willis Tower and climb to the 99th-floor skydeck.

Don't miss a visit without enjoying the best food you will find on the planet. Finding an affordable Schererville hotel is easy if you know where to look and don't care when you're visiting nearby communities. Remember that there are dozens of wonderful RV parks in the area so you can pitch your camp if you decide to stay longer.

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More About Schererville